Episode 1: Clay Shirky

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NOTE: There’s some reverb in this episode. I apologize. Audio quality will improve in future episodes.

Clay is the author of several books on Internet society, including “Here Comes Everybody” and “Cognitive Surplus.” I chose him for the first episode because he’s good at reviewing problems as an objective third party. In this discussion, we talk about 9/11 as a criminal act vs an act of war; the militarization of police power in small American towns; and why it’s dangerous for the NSA to have all this data (“It’s not because anybody at the NSA cares what I’m doing.”)

Some quotes:

“As a citizen, I expect that if the citizens don’t approve of what the government’s doing, even if we didn’t know, (the government) won’t do that.”

“The government has simply lost the habit of self-discipline relative to the expectations of American citizens.”

“I think every year we go in which there is no major court case hashing out the 4th Amendment limits of this kind of surveillance is bad for the nation.”

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